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    Complaints Procedure

    If you are in anyway unhappy with the service you have received from Vision Properties and wish to make a complaint about our service, please follow the procedure below. We will endeavour to resolve all complaints as soon as possible without having to escalate through the procedure.

    1. All formal complaints to Vision Properties must be in writing and can be accepted either via post or via email. Complaints will not be considered submitted and will not be responded to if they are made over the phone or in person.
    2. Vision Properties will acknowledge receipt of any complaints within 24 hours of receipt. If sent after 5pm, receipt will be considered as the next working day.
    3. Vision Properties will send a response to any complaint within 48 hours of us acknowledging receipt of the complaint. This will be from the original point of contact within Vision Properties.
    4. If the point of contact is unable to come to an agreeable resolution on the complaint, then the complaint will be escalated to their line manager.
    5. If the line manager is unable to deal with the complaint it will be escalated to a director of the company.
    6. If a resolution to the complaint cannot be agreed internally, complaints may be taken to our ombudsman service for resolution. Vision Properties are members of The Property Ombudsman for all activities we undertake. All decisions made by The Property Ombudsman are final and will be agreed to by both parties.