TOP TIPS: For Student Landlords

TOP TIPS: For Student Landlords

What are students really after when it comes to their accommodation? We’ve put together our top tips for student landlords on how to improve your properties without breaking the bank!

Get Broadband Fast

Students want fast broadband over and above anything else. Landlords should anticipate broadband being a pre-requisite to any student let and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Most suppliers have great deals for Faster Fibre for under £30 per month (that’s less than £7 a week!)

Be Inclusive

Lots of students prefer bills included in their rent and can become an important factor when choosing a property.  Bills can cause stress and create arguments in a shared house, while landlords can sometimes be left with unpaid bills to deal with at the end of tenancies. All Inclusive bills are an easy solution to avoid all these issues and are simple to set up and manage.

Have Social Space

Communal areas are an important factor in choosing a property. While living space is sometimes sacrificed for an extra bedroom, it isn’t always worthwhile. Students like to be social and if that area is high on their list, they’ll find a property has it!

Find Sturdy Furnishings

You may not want to spend a fortune on new furniture, but could it save you money in the long run? Cheap furnishings don’t always last, particularly in student accommodation. Instead, you may wish to focus on finding sturdy furnishings, fixtures and fittings that will be able to withstand the occasional excesses of student life. Although this will increase your initial outlay, investing in good quality items will likely save you money in the long run.

Provide a Good Standard of Accommodation

Just because you’re renting to students doesn’t mean you can provide accommodation and decor that’s of a lower standard. Students do require a comfortable home that’s in a state of good repair and has all the modern conveniences any tenant would expect.

Make sure your property is sought after by as many tenants as possible and then you can choose the best candidates for your property. It will also mean the rent you charge doesn’t have to be set to attract interest – your property, decor and furnishings will do that for you.


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