TOP TIPS: For Viewings!

TOP TIPS: For Viewings!

First impressions are crucial when you first decide to view a home. We’ve put a together a list of our top tips to make sure the viewings go as smooth as possible!


Respect the property

It’s important to show the property the same level of respect you would expect someone to give your home. If the seller asks you to take your shoes off, don’t question it. The seller might not want any marks on their carpet and remember soon it could be yours!

Leave the negotiating until after the viewing

Wait until you’ve left the property before you start negotiating. You might think the asking price is little high, but you’d be wise not to share that while you’re being shown around the property. You could offend the seller and jeopardise your chance at negotiating further down the line. Even though the buyer makes the initial offer, the seller ultimately decides who they want to sell their home to.

If you’ve got an opinion, keep it to yourself while you’re in the property

Nobodies tastes are the same! That bright orange en-suite the seller recreated from Pinterest might be their favourite part of their home. If you’re serious about the property, remember the décor can be changed.


Arrange to be out for any viewings

Even if you’re genuinely hoping to be helpful by answering questions, it could put buyers off when the seller is hanging around. They don’t feel like they can relax and imagine themselves in the property if they can sense that they’re being watched.

Don’t leave any surprises

Although this should be a given, always make sure the property looks its best! No one wants to buy a property which is a tip; ensure the property is left clean and tidy before any viewings. If you are going to be in the property when viewings are taking place, make sure you’re presentable too and check out our ‘Sale Ready’ tips here.

Don’t waste buyers’ time

Have an exact idea of the seller you want? Tell your agents and make sure all parties are aware in advance. This will save you and any potential buyers time.

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