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    29 April 2024

    Recently sold
    Sometimes it takes a bit of Vision

    As a local estate agent we have the privilege of helping clients with some of the most significant decisions they’re likely to make about their biggest asset. Selling a property can be a balancing act where many factors come into play, but above all it’s usually about getting the best price.

    The sale of this property on Warwick Road is a great example of how we can help clients to unlock the value of their property. All it took to achieve a great sale for this cottage in Chadwick End was a little vision.

    As part of our enhanced marketing service, we commissioned an architect to develop plans that showed how this property could offer a brilliant development opportunity. We then approached a number of contacts and secured an off-market sale to a repeat buyer. This tailored marketing strategy worked because it unlocked the value of the property for the vendor while delivering tempting potential for the buyer.

    We believe you need to be able to see both sides of the story to get a successful deal.