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    20 October 2022

    Navigating the property market in the current climate

    The big question for many of us at the moment is ‘what will happen to the property market?’.We spoke to Justin Hemming, Director of Vision Properties, and asked his advice.

    Whatever your perspective on the property market, from first time buyer to empty-nester thinking
    about downsizing, the past few months have seen dramatic changes. A set of extraordinary
    circumstances including Brexit, Covid and the cost-of-living crisis have given all of us challenges as
    well as opportunities to think about when we plan our next move. It’s certainly been a wild ride. Now we’re faced with new uncertainties in the light of the recent mini-budget announcements and
    subsequent U-turns!

    Three pieces of advice if you’re considering a move:

    – Get a full picture of your property situation. Revisit your mortgage details and remind
    yourself of the features of your current product. I’d also recommend getting an up-to-date
    valuation of your property, so that you can make decisions armed with all the facts
    – Try to take a balanced view between the dramatic headlines in the press and the overly
    positive spin from some other estate agents. It would be irresponsible to say that the market
    is still booming, but the fact is that people will always need to move house and live their
    lives and Knowle and the surrounding areas are historically robust from a real estate point of
    – Don’t do anything rash. The landscape is constantly evolving and if you can, it would be wise
    to let the dust settle before making any major decisions

    “The property market has been increasingly tricky to navigate for a few years, with unprecedented levels of competition for buyers, thanks to a mismatch between supply and demand.”

    As a residential property specialist, we talk to clients and house-hunters each day and we know that
    selling and searching for a home places a big emotional load on most people, not to mention the
    practical and financial stress of a big move.

    It’s not a new situation. The property market has been increasingly tricky to navigate for a few
    years, with unprecedented levels of competition for buyers, thanks to a mismatch between supply
    and demand. Prices have soared and things like the Stamp Duty holiday have led to surges of
    activity, making it harder to get a clear picture of the trends.

    We’re always happy to hear from people at any point in their property journey and we don’t charge
    for a valuation and consultation. In such a volatile environment, it’s important to be able to access
    solid advice. At Vision Properties we try to think about each property as if it were our own, because
    that helps us to keep the owners’ best interests at the heart of our recommendations and actions.
    We work closely with other professional advisors, like fellow Visit Knowle member, mortgage
    specialists Plus Financial, to achieve a 360° view for each client.

    Ask Justin…

    If you have a housing market question you’d like to ask Justin, please get in touch.

    Here at Vision Properties, we love to use our knowledge of residential property to help people make the move they’re looking for. We will always do things properly and you can trust us to treat your property as if it were our own.

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