The New EPC Requirements – Everything You Need To Know!

The New EPC Requirements – Everything You Need To Know!

There are some important changes being made to the minimum EPC rating requirements for rental properties in the UK, but what are they and what will you need to do to meet them?

Every property for sale and to rent in the UK is required to have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate). Legally, landlords are required to have an assessment of their rental property every 10 years.

The EPC shows the Energy Efficiency Rating of the property in bands ‘A’ to ‘G’ – ‘A’ being the most energy efficient and ‘G’ being the least. Currently there is no minimum requirement but that’s all set to change!

From April 2018, new Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) will be introduced for all rental properties meaning the landlord will have to ensure the EPC rating of their property is not lower than ‘E’ before it can be let. This will apply immediately to new tenancies and existing tenancies that are being renewed or extended from 1st April.

Any properties rated ‘F’ or ‘G’ will be deemed unfit for rental and appropriate measures will need to be taken to improve the rating to the minimum ‘E’.

What can happen if the Energy Rating is below ‘E’?

If it’s found that a rental property performs below this standard, the landlord could be issued with a fine up to £4,000 and stopped from renting out the property.

What sort of actions could be taken to improve the Energy Efficiency Rating?

• Switch to a smart meter
• Look at the efficiency of the heating system
• Ensure the property is double glazed
• Make sure the property is well insulated and cavity walls are filled
• Look at lighting, are there outside lights that could be switched to sensors or timers?
• Consider solar panels, they work even when it’s cloudy, so don’t let the UK weather put you off!

To name a few…

Even if a property does meet the new requirements, reviewing its energy efficiency is still a worthwhile exercise, as making improvements could add value as well as increasing its popularity with tenants!

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